Deborah Salas


Areas of Practice


Life and Leadership Coaching

Using the enneagram system as a context for positive change along with somatic techniques with that access multiple sources of intelligence, you can move beyond limiting behaviors that keep you from embodying your best self.  

“At a time of significant destabilization at the leadership level in my organization, Deb provided me with safety and support while simultaneously challenging me not only to understand, adapt and grow within the areas of the workplace I could control, but to be a positive model and influence outside of them to the best of my ability. Deb is an extraordinary combination of intellect, intuition, experience, wisdom, caring, honesty, sensitivity and just plain fun.”  - King County Library System Executive


Team Building 

High functioning teams have a foundation of trust. They are able to have conversations in ways that build authentic relationships through understanding. They recognize each other’s strengths and understand how they can provide each other with the support they need to do their best. 

“When we started our work with Deborah there was a lot of conflict and trust issues. Complaining and gossip were the normal way we communicated.  Today we problem-solve together and there is more compassion.  I learned how to lead my staff by understanding what they need and holding them accountable.  Staff say that they feel like part of a team and less isolated.” - King County Council Administration Director



Facilitating conversations, building consensus-based plans and inspiring group creativity are some of my greatest skills. Using the Technology of Participation ®  (ToP) facilitation methods as a framework, your organization will be able to approach a problem from a new view or build a realistic and achievable strategic plan.

“Deb & Ella did a phenomenal job moderating our retreat.  They not only met our retreat goals, they invented practical and totally custom tools for us to take home and put into practice, all while creating an amazing, memorable experience.  We just hired them for the third time!  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a retreat that is beyond the ordinary and above the bar.” - Aspen Institute, Director of Youth & Engagement


Organizational Assessments and Interventions 

Through a series of interviews and survey tools developed collaboratively using best practices, I work with my team of collaborators to clearly assess your organization from all points of view.  The resulting assessment report pinpoints areas for intervention and an action plan is developed. Interventions include management coaching, teambuilding and small group sessions that build trust and solve problems. 

“I contracted with Deborah and the Creative Ground team to help us address high staff turnover in our project management unit. During the first year of work, the team helped us assess our strengths and weaknesses, create new communication strategies, and develop baseline performance data. As we conclude our second year of work we can proudly state that we have completed the longest period without staff turnover since 2015. We could not have achieved this result without their assistance.” - King County Solid Waste Division Executive