Deborah Salas


Deborah Salas, MSW

Change can and does happen

Rather than a focus on what is wrong, I help people create a vision of what they want to achieve and then create a map to reach their goals by building on the strengths we have identified.

As a management leader for over 30 years in organizations ranging from corporate high tech to social profits my experience has given me a wide-ranging view of how individual actions can impact overall culture.  Using both my successes and my failures to learn and grow, I have developed a reflective learning process to share with my clients - individually or as a team.  This process helps move clients from patterns that limit potential to new creative solutions.

Supporting cultural change is essential. Working collaboratively with other skilled practitioners, we identify that culture and more importantly, identify a vision of what it can be. We collaboratively develop and implement a workplan for leaders at all levels of the organization. Your results will be determined by your vision.


Make your vision your reality

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